Countdown; most stylish small screen heroines


1.Olivia Pope-Scandal

Not only does is she able to avert image crises of any scale, but she is able to look flawless doing it. Her style is characterised by smooth lines, luxurious material and a monochrome colour palette. Pope’s style staple is doubtless a designer coat, she seemingly wearing a new chique cut each week and each week we covet the piece in question.

2.Claire Underwood-House of Cards



This first lady is fan of structured pieces, with a penchant for the skirt and shirt combination. Always sporting some elegant lines, much like the actual first lady, her toned arms complete many of her looks. Her cropped haircut has also been the focus of much praise in the fashion community and the subject of a Buzzfeed article announcing ‘The power and terror of Claire Underwood’s hair’.

3.Alicia Florrick-The Good Wife


This ‘good wife’ has proved an enduring fashion icon, with her time on screen spanning six seasons. In the show Florrick’s physical style is used to chart her character change as she transformed from a humiliated wife to the sassy named partner in her own law firm. With this change, there came the introduction of sleek curls, a defined smokey eye and plethora of snazzy jackets to emphasise the onus of her empowerment.

Featured Image-ABC


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