Debate; Trainers on a night out


Heels may make you feel fab and glamorous when you’re getting ready in the comfort of your own room, but fifteen minutes into your night out and you’ll be dreaming of sitting on the sofa in front of the TV and begging your friends to sit down for a minute in the club. Trainers are the way forward. They are actually made for you to feel comfortable when moving around – you’ll be able to dance for hours without the distraction of your feet crying out for mercy from their heeled prisons. This allows for you to stay out until you’re totally ready to go home, rather than spending £5 for an hour’s outing that you spent whining about the state of your feet.

Even if you’re one of those superhuman beings that can wear heels with ease for hours upon end, the argument that they are the more stylish option is just not valid anymore. The sports luxe look has been featured on the catwalks for the past few years and trainers are a big part of that. Just like Uggs once were, a pair of Nike’s or New Balance is now the staple shoe in most wardrobes, so your footwear option definitely won’t be a solo choice on the dance floor. Gone are the days when the only pair of trainers one owned were for running; they actually look really cool now so no need to be worried that you won’t look ‘dressed up’ enough for your night out. In Oxford especially this is not a problem.

Even if you feel self-conscious wearing trainers out, how many people can honestly say that they remember what shoes other people were wearing the last time they went out? No one looks down, and it’s often the case that the room is too busy and people are having too much fun to be able to make out and judge their fellow clubbers’ shoe choices. Guys have no issue taking an outfit from day to night, because they can literally wear the exact same outfit, so there is no reason why this can’t be the case for everyone. Put on your kicks and be proud of it!


Even though wearing trainers on a night out brings you endless comfort and dancing opportunities, a case may arise when wearing them is just not an option. Some clubs actually refuse entry if you’re wearing them, and if you’re out for a special occasion or have been to something beforehand trainers may not be the relevant choice. As cool as they are, they can hardly be described as a glamorous option or black-tie appropriate so there may be times when the trainers need to be left at home in favour of a more formal choice. Other shoes, like heels, can make you feel great and give you that confidence-boost you may need to own the dance floor.

Also, a key point that is often overlooked is the fact that you want to keep your trainers in good condition. You don’t spend the best part of £100 (or over) on the latest, freshest brand for them to spend three hours in parkend, emerging covered in a layer of grime and grease if you’re lucky or jaegerbombs and the fluids of over-drinking if you’re not. Soon they’ll become your ‘going out trainers’ because they’re now too grubby to be worn out in the light of day. Sometimes your trainers need to be saved for times when they can be truly appreciated!

Obviously, there are cheaper trainer outlets around so it could be the case that you feel no qualms in wearing them out, and although I’d love to think that every clubber would have the confidence to don a pair of trainers and think nothing of it there will inevitably be some die-hard heel fans that will look down on them (literally). If you’re not ready, or feel it’s not really acceptable to wear trainers on a night out, that’s fine. The point is to have fun, and that’s a lot easier when you feel comfortable. If that’s in trainers, great! If not, who cares.