Union Presidential hopeful faces heat from OUSU


In other election news, a motion of censure was proposed against presidential hopeful Zuleyka Shahin this week, in relation to her former role as OUSU’s Graduate Women’s Officer.

According to the Council motion, proposed by members of OUSU’s Scrutiny Committee, Shahin “failed to check her emails and respond to the Scrutiny Committee until the afternoon of the final deadline, following a reminder two days earlier.”

The motion went on to describe Shahin’s reply as “short”, stating that it “offered no explanation or apology and simply said that she couldn’t answer the questions until four days later.”

The motion continues: “This Council believes that Zuleyka Shahin’s response was inadequate and that she failed in [her] duties.”

Five other OUSU officials have also had motions of censure or no-confidence brought against them this week.

The result of the motion is unavailable at the time of print, but can now be found on The OxStu’s website.

The motions were proposed by Benjamin Woolf and Alastair Graham, both members of OUSU’s Scrutiny Committee.

Defending his decision to bring the motions to Council, Woolf commented: “The Scrutiny Committee has a duty to hold officers to account and where those officers have failed to fulfill clear mandates as laid out by OUSU policy, a motion of censure should be put to recognise this.”

He continued: “We do not put such motions lightly and we are disappointed that we have needed to put so many to 7th week Council. However, we would like to say too that much of OUSU’s work is to a high standard and this deserves to be recognised.”

Photo/Zuleyka Shahin


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