A Place Amongst the Greats

The Oxford Blues met in Toronto in August to celebrate the induction of two historically significant jerseys into the Hockey Hall of Fame.  The Hockey Hall of Fame is the foremost museum in the world dedicated to the history of ice hockey. It holds exhibits about players, teams, NHL (National Hockey League) records, memorabilia, and NHL trophies, including the Stanley Cup, the most coveted trophy in the sport of ice hockey.

The two jerseys, which represent the 130th anniversary of the Oxford Blues and the 110th anniversary of the Oxford Canadians respectively, now reside among the greats and continue the storied history of the Oxford Blues and the Oxford Canadians in hockey’s most illustrious historical archive.

The team was greeted by Phil Pritchard, Head Curator at the Hockey Hall of Fame, who gave us a unique “behind the scenes” tour of the Hockey Hall of Fame Archives. It is here, in front of the wall of sticks, each of which once belonged to a legend of the game (and half of which seemed to belong to the Great One, Wayne Gretzky) where we presented Phil with the landmark jerseys.

One highlight that the team was able to view was the Wengen Cup, the Varsity Match trophy that was used from 1909 to 1914 before it was lost at the outbreak of the First World War and eventually replaced by the Patton Cup in 1927. The trophy was subsequently rediscovered in 2003, and donated to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

As Captain of the 2014-2015 Oxford Blues team, it was truly a humbling experience to walk the halls which celebrate hockey’s greatest achievements and know that the Oxford Blues have a place within them. As I looked at the glory of hockey’s past, I couldn’t help but feel excitement for our future. Our forthcoming season once again looks promising with more international hockey on the horizon and an extensive cohort of new and talented recruits and returning vets who will focus on reclaiming the BUIHA Div. 1 National Title the Blues last won in 2014.

If you’re a big (ice) hockey fan or just curious to experience the fastest, and one of the most physical, team sports in the world don’t miss the BUIHA Div. 1 King’s Match, Oxford Blues vs. London Dragons on Saturday, November 28 at the Oxford Ice Rink, OX1 1RX at 21:00. For tickets and further details please see our website www.oxfordicehockey.com or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/oxfordicehockey