Oxford City Council win Loo of the Year


LOY-2015-NCAW-logoOxford City Council has won a clean sweep at the 2015 Loo of the Year award with all of the toilets it entered winning gold standard.

The awards include the announcement of the ‘Premier League’ of toilets. It is hoped that this year Oxford will make the top 10.

The award winning toilets were in Town Hall, Littlemore, Knights Road, Abingdon Road, Wolvercote, Cowley Road, St Clement’s, Bury Knowle, Market Street and Gloucester Green.

This is the first time all of the toilets entered by the council have won gold and follows a £600,000 investment in the city’s public toilets since 2012.

Speaking after Oxford’s victory, Councillor John Tanner, Board Member for Cleaner, Greener Oxford, said: “In 2012 the people of Oxford told the City Council they wanted their money invested in the City’s public toilets. The City Council launched a programme to improve the public toilets and now, you could say, we are flushed with success.”

“It’s official, Oxford now has some of the best public toilets in the country. That is down not just to investing taxpayers’ money but also thanks to our excellent team of cleaning staff. Oxford residents can now proudly say we live not only amongst the dreaming spires but also the gleaming latrines.”

An anonymous Somerville student commented: “Well, this is a sodding joke. I had a shit at the Hall the other day and it was frankly abhorrent. No bog roll, had to wipe my arse with an Egyptian cotton hand towel. Would not recommend.”

Another said: “It would be nice if they were spending the money in another way, this takes the piss a bit.”

Although the council only entered 10 of its toilets in this years awards, all 18 of its toilets have either been refurbished or are in the process of being so with the hope that all of them can be entered next year.

The Oxford Student waits in anticipation for further success.

Image: Loo of the Year

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