Fashion resolutions


For many of us, the New Year is a time to reflect on the previous one and make some changes in the hope that, if we stick to them, they will help us to enjoy a better year ahead. Fashion resolutions can appear trickier to achieve, perhaps because they don’t receive the same media attention as the more common variants like a new gym membership or clean eating that become almost impossible to avoid as January progresses. OxStu Fashion is here to help you out with your New Year fashion goals in this shortlist of resolutions and how to achieve them.

‘Wear what I want!’

With a plethora of fashion magazines churning out advice on how to be ‘on trend’ and regular reports from Paris, New York and London fashion weeks about the latest looks, it’s easy be hooked by each the latest micro trend. Your own personal style, along with a sizeable chunk of your bank balance can get lost as you try to keep up. Many people find that their wardrobe is often full of too many clothes that were bought to fulfill a desire to be ‘on trend,’ rather than because they actually liked them. As well as being a waste of money, this won’t make you happy. As Yves Saint Laurent said ‘fashions fade, style is eternal’. People that look confident and comfortable in what they are wearing tend to ooze a natural sense of style. Those who are wearing something simply because they’ve read that it’s on trend tend to look and feel awkward and uncomfortable. There is no easy way to end this cycle, but it comes down to making sure you are buying clothing for the right reasons and building up a personal style confidence from there.

Make ethical style choices

You talk about your opposition to animal cruelty and the exploitation of child labour, but when you spot a bargain on the rack all morals go out the window as you rush to the till to cash in on that endorphin-fuelled rush that only finding a killer sale reduction can induce. You leave the shop feeling content and quash down any niggling worries about where your new buy came from or what cruel practices you may have been implicitly endorsing half-way across the world, because what you don’t know, can’t hurt you, right?

If this sounds like you, and you want to rid yourself of those niggling worries, making ethical choices has never been easier. The Internet is practically bursting with websites clambering to help you, such as PETA’s search engine of cruelty-free products. Simple things such as reading the label of clothing can give you information such as where the product was made, which can help you make a well-informed buying choice. In terms of helping the environment, buying less stuff in general, or trying to buy second-hand can help reduce your carbon footprint. Mend or customize your clothes before you throw them away, or give them to a charity shop if you no longer want them.

Inject some colour into your style

Many people find themselves unintentionally wearing a largely neutral palette of clothes and makeup. Neutral clothes and makeup often seem more attractive and better value for money because they go with more, therefore they will be worn more and ‘earn their keep’. However, a wardrobe full of neutrals can sometimes feel a bit drab, especially when already surrounded by a distinctly lacklustre palette of grey during the dull winter months ahead of us. If you feel intimidated by colour, inject some brightness to your wardrobe with a bag, belt, or lipstick, before taking the plunge to other garments, like the bright orange jacket sported by Xumei in our shoot this week. Don’t feel restricted by rules of what colours can and cannot be worn together – clashing, especially against a neutral background, brings excitement to an outfit.

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