Image: Jenny Wright

Preview: Patchwork – Al Zanders

Patchwork return to Cellar this Thursday evening (January 21st) with their first external booking, Al Zanders. Patchwork organiser, Katia Mullova-Brind, told us a bit about the DJ’s background: “From Sheffield, Al Zanders has been DJ-ing and producing under his alias Lodger up until last October, and 2015 saw him making serious movements in the industry. Whether it was contributing to Stamp the Wax’s charity advent calendar; playing alongside Hunee; getting air on his production from the likes of Move D and Midland; or bagging not one, but two, records in Phonica’s top 100 tracks of the year, Al Zanders is the man to watch out for in 2016”.

Katia at Patchwork's End of Term Party, Image: Ollie Baker
Katia at Patchwork’s End of Term Party, Image: Ollie Baker

A first external booking is a big step for any club night. Certain that Al Zanders is the right man for the job fellow organiser, Daniel Taylor, said that, “we want to show off the diversity and exuberance of dance music. We have a certain spot for the funky, disco side of things running through the group – and Al Zanders hits the spot for us in terms of his smooth handling of these genres. Al Zander’s stock is rising fast, and it’s doing so off the back of forward thinking and infectious production. As an integral part of our plan is to showcase fresh and innovative artists, Al Zanders felt like such a natural fit”.

Now running their sixth night, Patchwork has proved a popular among Oxford students. Previous nights have showcased a range of genres from Techno, House, Disco and Afrobeat. When asked how Al Zanders would fit in with the vibe of their previous nights Lewis Barnes said, “we think al Zanders will bring something between the disco/house vibes of our first event and the funky afrobeat of our fourth to the table, and with the latter being a particularly special night we can’t wait to hear more of the same from an exciting upcoming DJ. Our night was actually created with the name Housework, not Patchwork, as we wanted house to be a vague common denominator for our events. For various reasons we had to change it, but in that context it will be perfect to have a house DJ starting of our bookings”.

Student DJ KD will feature before Al Zanders on the night. Kalyan told us: “Al Zanders is known for his smooth house production as well as his afrobeat works, not to mention his love of rhythmic tracks from labels like Blip Discs. To get people excited for this I will be playing some more disco-y afrobeat, warm house and rhythmically energetic tunes. We’ve also got a new student DJ on board for our warm up set (Peru) so we’re looking forward to hearing what he has up his sleeve”.

Patchwork is on Thursday evening of 1st Week (January 21st) at Cellar.