Student poetry: Sonder

Please don’t think I’m crazy but

There were stalwarts on street corners

And grass stains on your jeans

I knew we built the steps too steeply


I’m grateful for the space between our mouths

Stained red from homemade wine

Your kids played on the water’s edge

All chubby calves and dimpled fingers


I picked you out tonight, scarred cheekbones

Straining through the blackened din

The smoky catcalls hung

In my hair still


Did everyone know we were together except me?

I caught their whispers in my coat

Moths, they feasted on my hunched shoulders

Your foot jarred as it kicked

The nape of my neck

Stale sentiments lined up along the garden wall

As we doused ourselves in shade


Come out tonight and I will give you

Endless wine glasses to stare into

I will give you forced laughter

Gritted teeth, knock kneed against the table’s edge

Lilacs in your hair and blood in your teeth