Things I wish I knew before living out…

Before, I had even figured out where most of my lectures were in Michaelmas Term, suddenly everyone seemed to be in the know about houses, roommates and the exact number of house parties they wanted to throw. Not one to get left behind when a bandwagon is taking off, by week five, I had already ensnared myself into a 12 month contract. 6 months into my tenancy and now in the height of winter, I have to say living out haven’t been as fun as anticipated. So, using the benefit of hindsight, here are some things that I wish I knew before before enduring the ordeal that is student housing:

’Good’ Houses will not run out
Part of the reason, why houses and housing groups were decided so quickly into term was due to the untold fear that somehow, all of the ‘good houses’ would run out. This of course is cruel myth fed to students, already over burdened with the new found excitement, stress    and chaos that encompasses Oxford life, thus encouraging hasty decision making.

There is no such thing as a ‘Good student house’
Ultimately, nothing will come near to the ease of college accommodation, having your whole year group and the canteen at your accessible convenience. Meanwhile, the beauty of home complete with free central heating, a full cupboard of food and family love is genuinely irreplaceable. As a student you will either  find yourself living in a cheap poor quality student house with damp, thin walls and pealing paint or living in a beautifully furnished but ridiculously expensive student or most probably living in an expensive ill furnished, dirty and barely legal building. Repeat after me, there is no such thing as a ‘good’ student house.

Diplomacy is Key
Diplomacy, honesty and tact is the key to a happy household, whether it’s negotiating the cleaning rota with your housemates or the rental agreement with the landlord, nobody likes arguments, passive aggressive messages and general unpleasantries.

IMAGE/ David P Howard