Living-Out Kitchen Essentials:

Whilst not strictly ‘food’, there does exist an incredible bond between the food we eat, how we prepare it and where we prepare it. So whilst this may seem obvious, sometimes, when establishing a base to prepare food – more commonly known as a ‘kitchen’, or in less frivolous colleges ‘kitchenettes’ or even worse: a ‘pantry’ (whatever that is anyway) – it can be easy to overlook the barebones of culinary equipment you will need to get you through.

So I’ve provided a list for you. You can thank me later:

A Can/Tin Opener:

This is an essential. If you, like many students, rely on canned substances, such as tinned soup or baked beans, owning a device to open such tins can really make or break your meal.

A Bread/Chopping Board:

OK, so when I came to university I had only ever referred to such device as a bread board, but to my amazement such terminology was not used by the entirety of the student populace. But despite such discrepancy of language usage, it’s quite obvious why you’d need it. I can’t emphasise enough its utility. Don’t take it for granted.

Basic Cutlery:

Again, this is easy to overlook, and isn’t as obvious as you might think. Not only do you need a knife, fork and spoon; but more than (probably) three (to be safe) of each. Moreover, similar amounts of teaspoons and also, a variety of sharper knives, from bread to chopping, are recommended. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a hob, utensils such as a spatula, cooking tongs, and wooden spoons are solid decisions. Maybe a masher and ladle too for good measure.

A Cafetiere:

Everyone’s favourite bourgeois kitchen accessory. Whilst this won’t help you if you’re hungry, its provision of caffeine may provide you with alternative stimulation. Needless to say: wash regularly. This can be complimented superbly with a flask, to ensure the benefits of such an invention are spread throughout the day.

Wok/Saucepan/Frying Pan:

Sometimes a wok and a frying pan can double up, but if you’re going ‘all-out’ you might as well get one of each. Saucepans WITH LIDS and of varying sizes can be game-changers but at a bare minimum you should have at least one saucepan. If not, how else will you cook your pasta?

Baking/Cooking Trays:

So this probably includes a special circular tray for pizzas, but if you eat frozen food, like me and a large portion of the country, this is vital. Suitable for everything, from frozen chips to burgers, pizzas to pies. Easy to clean, store and use.

Mugs and Glasses:

You can never have enough. Someone will be using one of yours when you go to use one, so stock up.

Plates (of varying sizes):

For snacks to dinner, be prepared for every meal eventuality. You can’t eat it in the frying pan, and as above, bring plenty. You will need them!


Easy to forget, but forget it at your peril. Who else is going to save your rice from their boiling bath?


Whilst I have most definitely missed something (we Features Editors are human too), packing this stuff will see you pretty far, as bare cooking utensils go. I can save appliances for another day (the joy!)