Top Five Fast-Food Outlets

If fast-food wasn’t fast enough, we’ve made it even faster, by reducing the number of outlets you need to consider when deciding where to grab your quick culinary fix. You can thank me later.

  1. Pret A Manger:

Whilst technically not ‘fast-food’, it’s easy, convenient food in the centre of Oxford (two on the same street!) with and without seating. Providing an array of lunchables from sandwiches to soups, coffees to cakes, it’s food in a hurry without necessarily feeling like it is.

2. McDonald’s:

Everyone’s favourite… Need I reason its place on the list? Grab and go. And go and go. Cheap, central and carb-filled. Enjoy.

3. Itsu:

I’d never been to Itsu before I came to Oxford, but I was pleasantly surprised when I did. Whilst not the cheapest… it’s often healthy (I hope) and provides tasty vegetarian options, which are often sidelined at other food outlets in town. Highly recommend.

4. Mission Burrito:

A real gem. Both outlets are snug, well-designed and efficient. Whilst a decent-sized vegetable burrito could set you back £4 (at least), it’s high-quality food, and combined with the offer of free nachos for every University student customer, make it a destination you cannot miss.

5. Pieminister:

Like most of these choices, whilst technically not ‘fast-food’, it’s quick and efficient, and not ‘too’ expensive. Pieminister, tucked away in the centre of the covered market, provides both tasty food, with good vegetarian options and a nice, central location to sit down and tuck in. Check it out if you have chance!