Why knitting might be your newest and most stylish hobby


Winter is definitely the cosiest season, the season when it becomes to common practice to snuggle up in a fluffy blanket and drink hot chocolate. Most importantly, we get to wear and/or make our favourite knitted clothes and accessories. Knitting can be a fun way to relax, practice a little bit of self-care, or procrastinate. However, it also has an incredible potential for creativity, as demonstrated by brands like Ryan Roche, &Daughter, and Coohem. Here is a list of cute and trendy knits that you can make yourself (or take the easy route and buy) in 2016:

  • A jumper: it simply had to be mentioned. Knitted jumpers are as intrinsic to winter as smoked glasses are to Karl Lagerfeld. From your dad’s oversized jumper to a beloved charity shop gem, a jumper is winter’s ultimate go-to garment! For the New Year, look out for beautiful ombré gradient colours as seen in Elie Tahari’s Fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. For those who are after something a bit more original, try the poncho! It was in all the shops last year and is still going strong in 2016.
  • A tea cosy: that will brighten any stressful or gloomy winter afternoon in Oxford. They are really easy to make and you can let your imagination run wild with this one: colours, patterns, animal shapes and anything else you could ever dream up. There’s definite Instagram potential here. The prize for the most original design seen on Pinterest goes to a Yoda-shaped tea cosy. The possibilities are endless.
  • A knitted book cover: this is a really pretty alternative to the slippery commercial covers or the ugly paper ones we make for ourselves (or is that just me?). The same can be done with E-books, Ipads or phones. Wrap up everything around you in the wintertime! You can find some gorgeous patterns on the Internet with cute little pockets for writing items.
  • A knitted headband: this boho hair accessory is my absolute favourite for the winter. It is stylish, keeps your ears warm, and gives a sexy sweep to the hair. I love how adventurous knitting designers get with this deceptively uncreative accessory: braids, bows, cross-tie knit, button loops, pearls, monograms. You can opt for flowers or leaves on your headband! Knitting patterns are easy to find on Google, and Missoni do a range of brightly coloured metallic crochet that means you can avoid the designer price tag and knit your own, how could you possibly say no to such a fabulous combination of adjectives?
  • A snood: I always get frustrated with scarves. To me they always seem to be awkward lengths and I have not yet managed to tie one up nicely, and probably never will. The snood is the perfect scarf; it has all its advantages without its defects. You can also avoid hat hair by using a snood to keep your ears warm. Happy days.

This is a personal and very limited list of useful and fashionable knitted items you can make, buy or get the family-knitting addict to make for you (here’s looking at you, Grandma). Writing this has actually made me realise what a great place the UK is for knit lovers: it offers an incredibly large and good-quality choice of wool. Whereas in other countries young people tend to think that knitting is only for grannies, the UK has a young and lively knitting community. Check out knitting shop Loop for yarns, wool and super cool knitted items or @knitwitknitwit and @knitables on Instagram for never-ending inspiration.

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