Carnage and injuries at Lincoln College Bops

Students at Lincoln college have been asked how to change behaviour at BOPs following a number of occasions where students were injured as a result of alcohol related incidents.

In order to resolve the situation, the Junior Deans at the college attended a JCR general meeting in order to speak to students about how such incidents could be avoided in future.

At the most recent BOP, 4 students were hospitalized, with the Junior Deans stating that if students’ conduct did not improve in the future then BOPs may have to be cancelled due to welfare risks. They also noted that there had been no such incidents at BOPs in the past, but this year the number of such incidents had increased dramatically. Concerns were also raised at the level mess left to tidy up at the end of BOPs.

The next BOP will end early at 11:00pm and those who are already drunk will not be allowed to enter or order at the bar as the college trials possible solutions.

Amongst the reasons for the incidents, discussed at the general meeting by students were the expensive prices of drinks in the college bar leading students to pre drink heavily in their rooms and the behavior of a minority within college.

It was contended however, that as different people were being hospitalised that it was symptomatic of a wider culture at the college, and not the behaviour of a just a few people.  

All of the incidents occurred after the end of the BOP at midnight, one incident saw a student fall down stairs and require hospital treatment, while another fell and hit their head.

Speaking to the Oxford Student, a Lincoln student said: “Student welfare should be the only important issue at stake here, which is why it is sad and worrying that certain members of college staff seem to be pushing an underlying economic agenda, illustrated by the fact that one of the main reasons put forward for ending bops at 11pm was that the (non-student run) bar sold few drinks between 11 and 12, and only gave out water.”

Image: Simon Q