A Treatise in Defence of Cheap Rosé Wine

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Now deeply entrenched within my second year at Oxford, I can safety testify that many elements of my life have dramatically altered since I first ambled down the cobbled archaic streets. One thing that hasn’t changed however, is my long-lasting and undying loyalty towards cheap rosé wine. Whilst, I have been pounded with sarcastic comments and riddled with mocking jeers over the past few months, I feel that now, in the midst of the season of romance, is the perfect time to defend my love for Sainsbury’s finest.

The sweet fruity tang of the rosé, features a glorious blend of summer berries guaranteed to add a spring to your step and perk up the dreariest of February’s Friday nights. Whilst the wine is only ranked four out of ten on the  official sweetness index, provided helpfully on the back of the bottle, it is extremely drinkable and gently soothes one’s palette yet refuses to leave an unsatisfactory or unsavoury aftertaste. The bottle itself is aesthetically pleasing.  The bold crimson liquid is offset by the black, pink and white panelling on the lid and on the base of the bottle, essentially meaning that wherever you go and whatever you wear, you will be looking colourful if nothing else. But here is the best part. The price. I have yet to be disproved that expensive wine is simply a form of smoke and mirrors, as the intricate detail of the packaging serves as a poor justification for the extravagant price. However, with rosé only costing £4.95, I find myself able to have a delicious alcoholic beverage and spare money for the more important and finer things in life, such as fast food take aways, my phone bill and endless supplies of glitter for my next bop costume.

But believe me, I am not under any allusions, I realise that this is Oxford. The world of high society  and elite drinking clubs, pretentious wealthy students who dress as though they haven’t got a penny to their name and colleges willing to fork out thousands on fancy and overpriced bottles of champagne for a singular and insignificant event. Yet in this stuffy, intense and hyper competitive university that we reside in, there is gleaming beacon of hope which stands for normality, simplicity and good value. And that, is of course, my bottle of cheap rosé wine.

My love affair with rosé will continue until I finally leave these hallowed buildings as a semi functioning adult and enter into the terrifying ‘real world’. It is a relationship that I have put time, energy and thankfully not too much money into. I do not request that you put down your fancy beer, abandon your beloved spirits and eagerly race down to the nearest Sainsbury’s. I merely request that you humour me a little and when you get the chance, casually slide a bottle of House Zinfandel wine into your basket. Live on the edge a little because you just might just fall in love with it too.


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