The glitter game


There was a dark era in my adolescence (ages 10-15 I’m looking at you) where there was no glitter to brighten up my life. In an effort to escape anything juvenile or overly conspicuous that might hinder my attempts to blend in with the crowd, glitter was left firmly behind in my childhood as I happily sold my sartorial soul to Jack wills.

Even after I had made it through this wasteland of cable knit jumpers, Glitter makeup only really made an annual obligatory appearance at festivals and it wasn’t until the last 2 years that it has crossed into real life to become an enduring make up look for parties and nights out. Gone are the days of primary school sloppy glitter pen application resulting in a rainbow freckles; suddenly, it seems, me and the rest of the world is sporting elegant glitter crescents on their cheeks and temples. That ever present cheekbone highlight of blue or gold sparkles is now as much of a trademark night out look as the good ol’ winged eyeliner.

If anything, glitter really does righteously deserve a spot in every makeup arsenal. Over the years, it’s forays in and out of style have made huge cultural impacts in the world of beauty and fashion. Let us be reminded of the classic 70s glam rock trend (also called glitter rock), ushered in by appearances by bands such as T. Rex on “Top of the Pops,” where their faces plastered with glitter and of course Bowie’s trademark glitter bolt across his face on the cover of Aladdin Sane in 1973. GlitterIn the late 70s, the floor of Studio 54 was famously covered with four tons of glitter for one famous New Year’s Eve party. The appeal of glitter lies in its ability to blur the worlds of fantasy and reality. Yes sure, you may just be pretending you can actually shuffle after your third jaegerbomb in the darkest corner of Cellar never touched by sunshine and social awareness, but with your gilded face, like Dorothy’s glittering shoes in The Wizard of Oz, you can basically pretend you’re in Studio 54 or Coachella.

Without further ado here are some ideas to up your glitter game:

Under Eye Glitter:

This has the great advantage of covering up Oxford induced dark circles and well as making you look so magical you cry tears of glitter. Plus, this look is ideal for messy people. The more fallout, the better. To prep, line the top and bottom of your eyes with smudgy kohl eyeliner, focusing on swiping extra amounts under the eye. Then tap glitter, ideally a mixture of two colours, on top. Focus on pressing the glitter in will for a more precise placement.

Inner corner glitter:

This is great for those of you just jumping on the glitter bandwagon and can really be used as a slightly more wearable look for daytime events. Anybody who worships at the shrine of contour and highlighting, like myself, will know that highlighting the inner corner of the eyes can help make the eyes look bigger and more open. So you can amplify that effect with glitter by applying some eyelash glue or other adhesive to the inner corners of the eyes then use a brush to push the glitter into the inner corners. Spread the glitter out to the lower lashline, and then diffuse it up toward the brow rather than focusing it all in the corner.


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