Cinépiphanies: ‘Fellowship of the Ring’

I must preface this article by admitting that I’m something of a fraud – I have actually watched The Fellowship of the Ring before, but I hadn’t yet seen the extended version, in all its 228 minute long glory. One of the first things I realised was that nobody feeling even a little stressed about academic work should be watching Lord of the Rings.

I felt myself holding back tears, as I looked upon The Shire, in all its idyllic majesty. The urge to pack my bags, throw my copy of Shakespeare’s complete works into the bin, and get a one way ticket to Matamata grew greater with every shot of the beautiful landscape. The only thing that made me more emotional was the budding (b)romance between Sam and Frodo, with Sam’s undying love and dedication proving to be the definition of #relationshipgoals. The lingering glances that passed between them could have given Brokeback Mountain a run for its money.

However, the most amazing thing about The Fellowship of the Ring is its incredible rewatch value. Seeing Arwen wash away the Nazgul with her elven water horses was truly iconic, and seemed almost an elaborate metaphor, for MRAs being washed away by strong female characters. Finally of course, watching Gandalf get dragged down into a bottomless pit was just as heartbreaking as ever, and made me get straight on the phone to call my granddad. I didn’t need this kind of emotional trauma right now.