Little Boys – A sneak preview


The two writer­-performers, JACK CHISNALL and ALEX FOX, walk into the room.

INTERVIEWER   If you’d just like to introduce yourselves and the show.

JACK                                      I’m Jack.

ALEX                                      I’m tired.

JACK                                    and together we’re doing a show called ‘Little Boys’ at 8pm, in the New College Long Room, Thursday to Saturday of 8th Week.

INTERVIEWER               So, what’s the show about?

ALEX                                   Well we play these versions of ourselves who kind of act like naughty children. They enjoy pulling pranks on each other, playing pretend, and generally having fun before they have to go to bed.

INTERVIEWER               That sounds almost wilfully obnoxious given how unfairly male­centric comedy is; as if you’re trying to make a virtue of, rather than challenge, that insufferable ‘boys will be boys’ aspect of the genre.

JACK                                    We’re nothing if not painfully aware of that.

He farts cheekily and ALEX laughs.

INTERVIEWER                What can we expect to see in the show?

ALEX                                    It’ll basically be us chatting to the audience and presenting them with a collection of comic scenes and ideas from the viewpoint of two little tinkers.


(smashing a plate over his head)

With plenty of silly slapstick­

ALEX                                    Lots of ‘unexpected’ twists!

He removes his hat to reveal a slightly smaller hat.

JACK                                    And generally quite experimental fare.

He kisses ALEX passionately on the leg.

INTERVIEWER               I could understand the appeal of that if you were proven comedians ­ but you’re amateurs trying to balance this with studies. Why should people take time out of their evening to watch you two mess about for an hour?

ALEX                                   Well, it’ll be free.

INTERVIEWER               And that’s seriously your defence? There’s still an implied arrogance in thinking anyone would want to come and watch your comedy simply because, on this one occasion, you haven’t thought to charge.

JACK                                   Look, what’s it going to take for you just to plug our show for us?


(getting out his wallet)

Don’t worry Jack, I think know how this works. Perhaps a little persuasion from a certain Mrs. Windsor will do the trick?

Enter Mrs Windsor, ALEX’s neighbour.

MRS WINDSOR              Please come and see it.

‘Little Boys’ will be performing at 8pm, Thursday to Saturday of 8th Week in the Long Room at New College.


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