Which RuPaul Drag Queen is Your College? Tatianna = St Hugh’s


Oxford, we need to get with the times. Not a day goes by without someone accusing us of being out of touch, elitist…the list goes on. We need to stop associating our colleges, hallowed places of education, with long deceased, predominantly white, predominantly male academics. It’s time to inject a little glamour into the dreaming spires, with a little help from mama Ru herself. For those who don’t know about RuPauls Drag Race (get watching immediately) – think Americas Next Top Model but with a whole host of fabulous drag queens competing for the crown. Every week, we’ll be deciding which iconic star from the reality series is the best match for your college. For this week we’re going to be discussing the often forgotten, criminally underrated college that is St Hugh’s. The only queen suitable for Hugh’s is the true queen of Season 2, (and All-Stars Season 2) – the always beautiful, yet similarly underrated Tatianna.


St Hugh’s is a college that simply doesn’t get the love that it deserves. Based on the outskirts of Oxford (well, as far as students are concerned anyway), St Hugh’s may as well be in Mordor. As a result it’s often forgotten – the normal reaction to finding out a fellow student goes to Hugh’s is to give them a sympathetic look, and enquire as to the state of their poor tired legs. Just like St Hugh’s, Tatianna was often accused of fading into the background, or being forgettable during her stint on Season 2 of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Even after making the final four, she remained underrated, until she made her triumphant return to All Stars 2, winning the hearts of the fanbase with her spoken word poetry, comedy and dancing, even becoming something of a martyr after being sent home in a miscarriage of justice (twice).

See Me (With Them Hands)

Often described as a ‘face-value’ queen by her competitors, Tatianna’s detractors were keen to imply that she was nothing more than a pretty face. Even if this were true, she’s a VERY pretty face – undeniably one of the most beautiful and fishy queens to walk through the doors of the workroom. St Hugh’s is also renowned for its stunning gardens and red brick buildings. Of course, Tatianna has proven herself time and time again as more than a pretty face, through her stellar impressions and iconic catchphrases. So, it’s time we all stopped treating Hugh’s as the embarrassing younger sibling of Oxford colleges – and if you don’t agree, feel free to see me with them hands. Thank you.


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