Wahoo sign bought by St Peter’s JCR

A group of students from St Peter’s JCR have bought the Wahoo sign after raising £400 in less than four hours from a ‘gofundme’ crowdfunding page.

The group of students – led by Anna Harris, George Fagan, James Povey and Rob Smillie – approached the club yesterday, who responded almost immediately with the quoted price. After setting up the ‘gofundme’ page, money from current and former member of St Peter’s JCR had raised the required money in less than four hours.

The students picked up the sign at about 6pm yesterday evening.

In a post on the St Peter’s JCR page, George Fagan wrote: “We are speechless. In under 4 hours we have raised the money and purchased the sign. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated, especially the Freshers, your experience at Wahoo may have been fleeting but I’m glad it had touched your hearts as much as it has ours.”

St Peter’s JCR already had links with the now defunct club; resident Wahoo DJ Ollie East is an honorary member of the JCR.

Anna Harris said: “We’ve just had our JCR refurbished (the new colour scheme is, fittingly, purple) and we wanted to make it as homely as possible. Seeing as Wahoo was such a big part of college life, we decided we needed the sign to put it in the JCR too. It’s going to be mounted on the wall. Neon lights and all.”

She concluded: “we just want to be full-time wahooligans”.

Wahoo closed its doors for the final time this weekend as the land around the club is prepared for redevelopment.

The students involved have got more plans yet, though. James Povey has said: “we’re going to move mountains for the Bridge pole”. It is also understood the group are planning a motion that would re-name the JCR the ‘JCBar and Grill’.