Director’s Cut: What to Watch This Ox/Christmas


Christmas is here, or at least Oxmas is, and as our term (thankfully to be honest) begins to draw to a close, it’s time to start looking forward to the exciting new films and shows hitting our screens – while not forgetting of course those seasonal classics. So, as I thank you for reading my ‘Director’s Cut’ over the last few weeks, enjoy these recommendations to fit the festive season to come!

With Marvel and DC apparently done for cinema releases for the rest of the year, the seasonal blockbuster this Christmas looks once again to be a release from the Star Wars universe, in the arrival of Rogue One, the upcoming Star Wars prequel-sequel-standalone journey. Paving the way for the recently confirmed Han Solo origin story, the trailers promise a thrilling, often literally explosive and well-designed piece. Going up against it will be video-game adaption Assassin’s Creed, the perfect film for fans of parkour and fight scenes, and Passengers, the latest big budget sci-fi adventure. On the smaller screen, don’t forget series four of Sherlock coming in the new year, along with the host of Christmas specials and festive themes we’ve grown so used to, and whatever unique dramas the BBC and ITV will throw at us.

But how of course could we fail to mention the classics? The best films to curl up on the sofa with, even when you’re not sure how you always end up watching them every year…

There’s the old-timey ones, the ones you start to recognise just by the musical scores alone, like It’s a Wonderful Life and those older versions of A Christmas Carol which seem to epitomise the words “Christmas spirit”. For the romantics of us, there’s the never ending list of Christmas-themed romantic comedies, which I’m sure will only have been added to by the end of this year, and for, let’s be honest, viewers of all ages, there’s the equally never-ending list of kids’ films that we can’t resist. I’m not sure how many times I saw Shrek on the screen this time last year, and I’m fairly certain it’ll be on twice as much this time around…

Whatever you watch, Miranda and I wish you a very merry Christmas!


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