‘Welfcom’ equivalent to Prescom planned for this year

Prescom, the society for all JCR presidents across Oxford University, which meets fortnightly, has proposed an equivalent society for Welfare Reps.

Prescom currently meets fortnightly, followed by formal. It enables JCR presidents to ask for advice on starting new projects or on problems that may have arisen within college.

Caitlin Brown, President at Keble College, originally proposed the idea and there is much support from other JCR presidents.

Speaking to the OxStu, Caitlin said that whilst plans were as yet unconfirmed, the “initial idea was to host a Welfcom (presidents and welfare officers welcome) at Keble early on next term to compare what the differing welfare facilities are at different colleges.”

She continued: “Currently there is great disparity and I believe that we can learn from each other and thereby improve the opportunities available for everyone.”

“During our first meeting we would follow an agenda with the floor open at all times for discussion. If successful then we would endeavour to make this a bi-termly arrangement.”

Welfare Representatives at University College, Ellen Hodgetts and Ismaile Yaqub, supported the idea and Ellen told The OxStu that she thought it would be “a really good idea” to encourage engagement between the colleges.

Ismaile added: “The biggest issue is intercommunication between the colleges; there are very different welfare cultures. If we can standardise it might encourage more communication between the welfare reps.”

He added that this could encourage better integration of each welfare representative within their college, enabling them to work more closely with other pastoral support providers, such as the peer supporters.