OxStu talks to the brains behind Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

This past Saturday, the Oxford Town Hall was the most recent venue for Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair. This award-winning vintage fair travels throughout the United Kingdom, delivering a wealth of vintage fashion wherever they come. OxStu was fortunate enough to talk to the organisation of this fantastic fair.

What was the inspiration behind starting the fair?

Inspiration behind creating Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair came from the very limited vintage selection that Lou Lou could find in her hometown of Sheffield. Scouring the local area, Lou Lou found a mix of traders who had no local selling platform and invited them to bring vintage clothing, collectables and crafts together for a day of shopping for like-minded vintage enthusiasts to enjoy. In creating this pop-up event, it offered a fun and affordable day out that not only celebrates everything vintage but also makes it more accessible and affordable; something that was definitely lacking before the fair was created.

How has the organisation changed since the start of the fair nine years ago?

The organisation has definitely had to grow and adapt over the past nine years. The fair is now the biggest travelling fair and can visit up to four cities in a weekend so the focus on creating a fun and complete vintage experience has become more important than ever which is why we make sure that there is more than just shopping and include a vintage tea party, a pop up salon where customers can have vintage-style makeovers and vintage-style entertainment at each event.

What has the success of the fair meant for the organisation?

I think I’ve answered what success of the fair has meant for Lou Lou’s in the previous answer as we continue to grow and travel to more cities whilst finding amazing traders and offer a complete vintage-style experience that everyone can enjoy.

What do you think causes the popularity of vintage fashion?

I think vintage remains so popular because it offers something different. Each piece is unique and individual and comes with a history and story that you can continue to add to as you wear it.

Is there a significant difference in the various cities you visit? Is there anything that makes Oxford stand out?

Travelling to different cities means we get a real mix of people who want to come and sell with us. It makes us really appreciative of all the hard work that they put in finding amazing stock to sell at each event. We’re always excited to come to Oxford as we find there’s such an enthusiasm for vintage and we offer that platform for people to come together and enjoy it, and in such a lovely venue as well at the Town Hall.

Where do you see the vintage fair going in the future?

For the future we just hope that the vintage fairs will continue to grow and that people will continue to enjoy coming to these events!

Were you unable to attend past Saturday? Not to worry! Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair will return on the 1st of April to the Oxford Town Hall with Summer and Spring stock galore.