Cowley roundabout is second most dangerous in Britain

The roundabout at the end of Magdalen Bridge has had the second-highest number of bicycle-related accidents in the country, according to recently released data.

From 2009 to 2015, there were 45 reported accidents on the roundabout, second only to Lambeth Bridge roundabout in central London. The data was compiled by Mapmechanics from Department for Transport figures, and reported in The Sunday Times.

The findings from the data will likely not come as a surprise to many students living down Cowley Road. Large college-owned accommodation blocks for Mansfield, Queen’s, Teddy Hall and Oriel lie in East Oxford, as well as St. Hilda’s College and hundreds of students living in privately-rented accommodation.

Heather Burke, a second-year lawyer who lives off Cowley Road, spoke to The Oxford Student. “I’m not surprised with the findings of this study,” she said. “It’s a matter of life and death for me every day. I get buses honking at me, cars not indicating, and other cyclists overtaking me without a second thought, and that’s before we even get to the huge puddle at the bottom of Magdalen Bridge. It’s frankly a miracle that there aren’t more accidents.”

The statistics refer to a period before the county council spent £1.35 million in 2015 upgrading the surrounding roads to make them safer. In the scheme, footpaths and cycle lanes were widened, resurfacing was carried out and cat’s eyes were installed on the roads.

The roundabout links Magdalen Bridge to St. Clement’s, Cowley Road, Iffley Road and Cowley Place. The Victoria Fountain, situated at the end of Magdalen Bridge, is a Grade II listed building.