Dramatic car chase ends on Merton sports grounds

At around 11:45 this morning, two males were arrested following a dramatic car chase that ended on Merton College sports grounds. A third man, also in the car, was arrested a short while after.

Seven police vehicles (including an unmarked car) attended the scene, along with a police helicopter.

The car (believed to be either a Citroen C1 or Fiat 500) sped down Manor Road and through St Catherine’s College before the men – realising they had reached a dead end – abandoned it and tried to escape on foot.

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One of the suspects made it as far as the buildings close to Merton’s tennis courts, another ran across a field towards Catz and in the direction of the University Parks, and another ran for the woodland at the back of the field. The first two suspects were quickly apprehended, the third was arrested following a search which lasted approximately twenty minutes that was assisted by the helicopter.

Jake Quinn, a Catz student, tackled the suspect who ran back towards the college – allowing the police to make an arrest.

In a statement to the Oxford Student, Mr Quinn described what happened.

“I was just going down Manor Road, cycling to a tute”, he said.

“I saw some guy turn really quickly into Manor Road, and there were police coming just behind him, and I thought ‘there has got to be something wrong there'”.

He then went to investigate, and on seeing the men abandon their vehicle, apprehended one of them.

“I saw three guys jump out of the car”, he said.

“I jumped off my bike and sprinted down and basically rugby tackled him into the ground”.

Thanks to this, the police were able to arrest the individual.

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The chase has drawn a lot of interest on Catz JCR’s Facebook page, where Mr Quinn’s actions have been described as “brave” and as a “body slamming” of the man who was attempting to escape.

Speaking to the Oxford Student in the moments following the events, Catz students Sunil Mahey and Chris Harrison – who both witnessed the pursuit – described Quinn’s actions as “amazing”, and said that he was “an absolute hero”.

“You dream of things like this”, Harrison added.

The cause of the pursuit is currently unknown, but with all three suspects in custody it is assumed that there is no risk to the public. Thames Valley Police have been contacted for comment.

More to follow