GBK delivers on the gourmet burgers

As someone who generally doesn’t eat red meat, I do make the exception to enjoy a cheeky beef burger once in a while. My only requirement is that they are gourmet – none of those tough, chunky supermarket beef burgers!

I’d been searching for a beef burger that’s not overcooked for a while. When I ordered my Blue Cheese beef burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) and the waiter asked how I would like my meat cooked, I breathed a sigh of relief and replied: “Medium rare, thank you.” Whilst I enjoy having an E. Coli infection as much as I enjoy studying for exams right now, a burger that’s not at least medium rare, is, in my opinion, overdone. Finding a place that knows how to cook burgers in Oxford is a bit of a challenge, but GBK was ticking all the boxes, especially when I ventured into their kitchen to see the chefs flipping the patties on the grill – no automated grills here!

GBK is a gourmet burger chain that was started in London by three Kiwis They pride themselves on, well, “gourmet burgers”, and “ace shakes”.

Ravenous after a hard day of trying to read a chunky textbook entitled Economics of the Welfare State (yes, even the title is boring), I devoured my Blue Cheese burger. The medium rare patty was perfectly tender and juicy. And the combination of blue cheese sauce, onion jam and house mayo in a soft sesame seed-adorned brioche bun perfectly complemented each other and the beef patty.

Next, I delved (with help) into the Camembert & Cranberry chicken burger. I selected the panko crumbed and fried chicken which was stupidly enormous, so I had to eat the burger in a sort of sideways fashion to fit it in my mouth. I wasn’t a huge fan of the cranberry sauce. It was a bit too plentiful and overpowered the camembert. But the joy of GBK is that they have so many burgers to choose from that you will certainly find a flavour combination that you like, albeit after some trial and error. Besides the many chicken and beef burger options, GBK also has lamb, buffalo, veggie, and bunless burgers.

Finding a place that knows how to cook burgers in Oxford is a bit of a challenge

The kitchen was out of Truffle Cheese Fries, so I tried the Chunky Skin-On Fries with Garlic Mayo instead. The chunky fries were nothing special to be honest. However, the absolute highlight of the meal was the sweet potato fries with baconnaise. Yes, baconnaise. Baconnaise is a condiment made out of bacon, and it is everything you ever imagined it would be and more. If you happen to be veggie though, don’t worry, because GBK has an impressive range of other condiments to pick from, including blue cheese mayo and sriracha mayo. This is a refreshing change from the usual ketchup, mayo, and brown sauce.

And finally, did my vanilla milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? Yes, yes it did. It’s creamy, smooth texture, and subtle vanilla flavour was exactly what I needed to wash my burger and fries down.

GBK needs to be commended on their extensive menu choices and consideration of those with dietary restrictions. They have an entire gluten-free menu and an allergen menu, listing what meals are suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans, and what allergens each menu item contains (which even extends to their booze menu!).

They offer 25% off for students, and a ton of freebies if you download their app. Plus, if you head there for lunch you can get a burger and side for £5.95 (absolute bargain!). And if you don’t want to put trousers on, they also do Deliveroo.

Verdict: Once you add the student discount, these fairly affordable burgers, with a huge range of quality ingredients and beef patties done the right (medium rare) way, GBK is certainly worth a visit!