Tales from the Bakery: Disaster Strikes

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Macarons are the hardest thing to bake in all the world. To create perfectly puffed, crisp yet fluffy, vibrantly coloured circles of exactly the same shape is supposed to be nigh on impossible. But the shops do it, so how hard can it be? That is precisely what BakeSoc intended to find out this week. As if attempting the impossible wasn’t enough of a challenge, our numbers were severely depleted due to the 5th-week-essay-crisis pandemic and El Presidente (yours truly) had screwed up and forgotten the eggs. Promptly straight back to Co-Op he went! Oops.

The shops do it, so how hard can it be?

With all thoughts of presidential ineptitude put very briefly to one side, the four remaining members instead turned their minds to the task of macarons. The Buzzfeed recipe promised easy desserts to bake with your best friend. Instead it proved to be a minefield of mistakes and innuendos, especially when whisking egg whites! Who would have thought stiff peaks would be so hard to achieve? Or that whipping too much would just lead to it all collapsing? The result was a partially-collapsed supposed-to-be-pink-actually-grey batter and a slightly less bad white batter. Too hard to fix, too late to restart, so we just moved on to the filling: cream cheese and icing sugar combined in a cheesecake-style frosting. Add some strawberry jam and the results, whilst not in any way like we intended them, were still yummy. Next week we are combatting 5th week blues with lashings of lava and copious cinnamon. See you all then!


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