Joe Inwood elected SU President


Joe Inwood has been elected President of the Oxford Student Union, with 52% of the vote.

Inwood, a third-year History student and former JCR President of Mansfield, beat Hannah Taylor (St Hugh’s) and Ellie Dibben (St Hilda’s), in the poll, which operated on a single transferable vote system.

After the third stage of counting Inwood had 1,510 votes (52%), compared to Taylor’s 1,389 (48%); Re-Open Nominations (R.O.N) and Dibben had already been excluded from contention in the second and third stages respectively due to having the least first-preference votes.

4,162 (or 17.6%) of the 23,624 students eligible to vote did so – 26.9% of undergraduates voted, compared to just 9.5% of graduates on taught programmes and 8.5% on research programmes.

Lucas Bertholdi-Saad was elected as Vice-President for Access and Academic Affairs, and Rosanna Greenwood was elected Vice-President for Charities and Community.

Allison D’Ambrosia and Ellie McDonald were elected to the positions of Vice-President for Graduates and Vice-President for Welfare and Equal Opportunities respectively, whilst Katt Walton, who was unopposed, was elected Vice-President for Women.

Ivy Manning, Atticus Stonestrom, and Jack Wands, the only three candidates for the role of Student Trustee, were all elected.

All candidates for the role of NUS delegate – Alexander Curtis, Samuel Dunnett, Hugo Raine, Rida Vaquas, Niamh White, and Mercy Haggerty – were also elected.

The Porch and Aspire Oxford were voted as the Student Union’s local charities for the Raise and Give (RAG) ballot, whilst Education Partnerships Africa and Into University were selected as national/international charities.

St Hugh’ College was the winner of the inter-collegiate competition for highest voter turnout, and will receive a £300 prize.

In his manifesto, Inwood pledged to work to put mental health first, coordinate common rooms, take action against government reforms to Higher Education, encourage student-led access and outreach work, fight for EU students, reform the curriculum, and aim for an ‘open’ SU.

He wrote: “Oxford SU can be a force for real change in our university and our community, but only if it is open to all. We need a SU that is responsive and accountable to its members, and able to place itself at the heart of student life.

“If elected I will put the interests of all students at the heart of everything the SU does, and leave no one behind. Oxford needs an SU that listens and cares, in which we feel we all have a stake. The SU is meant to represent all 23,000 of us, and I will make sure it does.”

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