Cambridge secures double win at Boat Race 2018

Cambridge has won both the women’s and men’s races in the 2018 Boat Race this afternoon, after winning both coin tosses.

In the 73rd women’s boat race, Cambridge recorded a time of 19 minutes and 9 seconds, after a record-winning 18 minutes and 33 seconds in 2017. The men’s was closer, with a time of 17 minutes and 50 seconds, just 10 seconds faster than the Oxford crew.

Cambridge coach Steve Trapmore said of the win: “The boys really stepped up and delivered. They took it up from stroke one and bang, they were off. In this race, so many things can go wrong, but you could tell they were on the money today.”

“You could tell they were on the money today”

Oxford has previously won four of the past five men’s races, with a score of 82-80 to Cambridge, and 42-30 to Cambridge in women’s.

Environmental societies from both Oxford and Cambridge Universities made an appearance at Hammersmith Bridge, setting off orange flares “to demand that Oxford and Cambridge divest their multi-billion pound endowments from fossil fuels”, according to Cambridge Zero Carbon Society’s Twitter.

Just days before the event itself, Oxford replaced one of its senior rowers, Joshua Bugajski, with Benedict Aldous from the reserve crew, citing uncertainty surrounding Bugajski’s recovery from an illness during training.

Disagreements within the crew also reportedly had a role; Sean Bowden, chief coach, said: “we would have had certain times when we would have found ourselves in disagreement over some things […] when Benedict came in we had a good restart, made good progress.

“There was an uncertainty about Josh’s recovery and we just made our decision. When Benedict came into the boat we had a really positive experience.”

The final make-up of the Oxford mens’ team was Iain Mandale, bow (St Edmund Hall); Felix Drinkall, 2 (Lady Margaret Hall); Will Cahill, 3 (Christ Church); Anders Weiss, 4 (St Hugh’s); Will Geffen, 5 (Keble); Benedict Aldous, 6 (Christ Church); Claas Mertens, 7 (Christ Church); Vassilis Ragoussis, stroke (Linacre); and Zachary Thomas, cox (Wolfson).

The Cambridge men’s team was Patrick Elwood, bow (Magdalene); Charles Fisher, 2 (St John’s); Dara Alizadeh, 3 (Hughes Hall); James Letten, 4 (Hughes Hall); Spencer Furey, 5 (Jesus); Finn Meeks, 6 (Hughes Hall); Rob Hurn, 7 (St Edmund’s); Freddie Davidson, stroke (Emmanuel); and Hugo Ramambason, cox (Trinity).

The Oxford women’s team was comprised of Renee Koolschijin, bow (Keble); Katherine Erickson, 2 (Wolfson); Juliette Perry, 3 (Somerville); Alice Roberts, 4 (St Edmund Hall); Morgan McGovern, 5 (St Catherine’s); Sara Kushma, 6 (Christ Church); Abigail Killen, 7 (St Cross); Beth Bridgman, stroke (St Hugh’s); and Jessica Buck, cox (Green Templeton).

The Cambridge women’s team was comprised of Tricia Smith, bow (Christ’s); Imogen Grant, 2 (Trinity); Kelsey Barolak, 3 (Homerton); Thea Zabell, 4 (Downing); Paula Wesselmann, 5 (Jesus); Alice White, 6 (Homerton); Myriam Goudet-Boukhatmi, 7 (Lucy Cavendish); Olivia Coffey, stroke (Homerton); and Sophie Shapter, cox (St Catherine’s).