Oxford Classics Society rerun committee elections

The Oxford Classics Society have decided to rerun elections for President and Social Secretary of the committee for 2018-2019.

Elections were initially held on 22nd March for all committee positions, using the BallotBin online voting system.

However, the following day, a post on the society’s Facebook page alerted members that the results of the election will not hold due to flaws with the voting system. The post describes the system as not having ‘adequate checks and restrictions against those voting’, which enabled those with no interest in the society, as well as those who were not even members of the university to be able to vote. The online voting system also meant that individuals could vote multiple times if they provided multiple email accounts.

“The crux of the issue is that it was quite clear that many individuals were able to cast multiple votes through use of multiple email accounts”

The committee has decided that the results for Treasurer, Secretary and IT officer will still stand, since they were won by very large margins. The candidate for Treasurer, George Warr, won with 57% of the vote, while the opposing candidate only gained 18%. Both the positions of Secretary and IT officer, won by Annabel Williams and Charlotte Anstey respectively, were uncontested and each of the candidates achieved more than 90% of the vote.

On the other hand, both candidates who were initially elected as President and Social Secretary won by only a few percentage points, and as a result elections for these positions are being re-held.

The current committee have told The Oxford Student: “The crux of the issue is that it was quite clear that many individuals were able to cast multiple votes through use of multiple email accounts, which could have swung the results of the president and social secretary positions. Therefore, we have decided to hold a recasting of votes for those two.”

Despite, the justification offered by the current committee for the re-running of elections, questions have been raised as to whether the malfunctioning of the voting system was the only reason for this decision.

A recent Oxfess read: “Liiterally the only thing this classics soc committee did was annul an election result because they favourite candidates didn’t win much more important than actually putting on events oc”

The committee have clarified that: “Elections in the past have not happened online. We wanted to host elections online so that the new committee could have some of the vacation to think about their term. We regret that this has not been successful and we aim to make amends with a re-vote.”

The vote for the two remaining positions will now happen in person in the 1st week of Trinity Term 2018.

The full initial results were as follows:

Ed Coidan – 282, 46%
Maud Mullan – 261, 43%
RON – 63, 10%

George Warr – 343, 57%
RON – 143, 23%
Teddy Jennings – 112, 18%

Annabel Williams – 191, 92%
RON – 15, 7%

IT Officer:
Charlotte Anstey – 193, 93%
RON – 13, 6%

Social Secretary:
Charlie Willis – 290, 47%
Imogen-Edwards Lawrence – 279, 45%
RON – 39, 6%