3 great travel photographers to follow now


Looking for a way to keep the wanderlust at bay over exam term? Travel photography has long been one of the best-loved ways both of documenting and of experiencing the world, and these photographers’ Instagram accounts manage to capture the beauty, colour, and excitement of travel in each perfectly-composed square. From frozen wastelands to vibrant city-scenes, each account offers a new and inspirational snapshot of the world – and you might even pick up a few travel tips in the captions.

Daniel Nahabedian

French-Amerdian photographer Daniel Nahabedian’s mission is to try ‘to contribute to making the world a friendlier place’ through sharing glimpses of different cultures and traditions from around the world. Believing that the media is supersaturated with images of misery and destruction that dig a wider gap between the viewer and foreign cultures rather than contributing to greater understanding, Nahabedian’s Instagram and website are filled with images of beauty, curiosity and passion. His stories are almost as engaging as his photographs, and his determination to understand the cultures and subjects which he photographs is evident in all of his work – as well as the detailed code of ethics on his website, which states (among other things) that he will always ‘avoid stereotyping groups and individuals’ and ‘will treat all subjects with respect and dignity.’ Having visited over twenty countries and lived in five, Nahabedian photographs the world over, as well as running photography workshops and tutorials throughout Europe. Head over to his Instagram @canvasoflight to see the shots of this self-proclaimed ‘light snob’.

Kah Kit Yoong

Although Yoong only started shooting seriously in 2008, having previously studied medicine, he has already been widely published in numerous magazines, including National Geographic and Nature’s Best. Yoong’s photography has also won numerous awards, securing a prize in the landscape category of the International Conservation Photography Awards in 2009, just one year after he began to develop his photography career. One of the most interesting things about Yoong’s photographs is the process that he goes through in order to capture the story of location. Rather than trying to present its essence in a single shot, he curates a collection of images which reveal the character of a place, creating a visual storyboard which allows viewers some form of insight into the different aspects of the country which he photographs. As well as this, the name of his website, ‘Magic Hour Travelscapes’, provides a clue as to what makes Yoong’s work so unique. His acute appreciation of those times of the day in which the light transforms the landscape – ‘the magic hour’ – means that he captures moments that often pass by unacknowledged, and his portfolio is filled with everything from gentle sunset hues glinting on Arctic ice, to the way that the dawn light reflects off the vintage cars in Old Havana. Find him @magichourtravelscapes.

Kirsten Alana

Kirsten Alana’s trade is conscious storytelling and photography, and her Instagram is sure to inspire you to see more of, and know more about, the world in which we live. After quitting a draining wedding photography job, Alana writes on her website that she did the opposite of what she’d recommend – she ‘took the “just go!” quotes literally, read inspirational gobbledygook about how we only live once,’ and told herself that if she ‘took even an hour to think things through,’ then she’d never end up travelling at all. Now, years later, Alana has worked in every continent but Antarctica, collaborating with brands such as Expedia, Ted Baker and Travel + Leisure, as well as returning again and again to favourite locations such as France and Scotland. Capturing the colour and atmosphere of each country that she visits, Alana provides insights into both the landscape of a location and into the lives of the people who live there. She also blogs about her travels at kirstenalana.com, and was the first photographer to travel around the world aboard the Four Seasons new private jet in Spring 2015. To discover Alana’s work for yourself, and to follow her journey from unhappy wedding photographer to nomadic explorer, visit @kirstenalana on Instagram.


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