Frederick William Frohawk (16 July 1861 - 10 December 1946), an English zoological artist and lepidopterist

Fowl play: Oxford dodo murdered

New research conducted at the University of Warwick has revealed how Oxford’s dodo, whose remains are held at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, died.

The renowned bird, which experts previously thought had died as a money-making rarity in London, was actually shot.

Dodos, which were native to Mauritius, became extinct as a result of the arrival of sailors to the island in the 17th century but a few arrived in England.

The Oxford dodo, a specimen of Elias Ashmole’s private collection, is famed for having inspired Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

While it is too precious to display, visitors to the museum can see a cast of the bird and a model of how it would have looked.