OxStu’s festival essentials

In the wake of Wadstock and Coachella, the festival season is soon to be upon us. Thus, it seems only appropriate for OxStu Fashion to discuss some key essentials for our favourite season. Festival fashion can be seen through the likes of celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens as well as a multitude of fashion bloggers, but everyone’s taste is different. Dressing up to see your favourite artists allows you to explore new, and sometimes more eccentric, looks.

  1. The trusty raincoat

A festival wouldn’t be a true festival without a bit of rain – see Glastonbury for example. But in order to ensure that your carefully planned outfit doesn’t turn into a wet soggy mess, then a raincoat or waterproof is often a good idea. The black waterproof is obviously a practical classic but we favour the coloured versions. If you’re feeling more daring feel free to show off your outfit in a transparent rain-mac – but whatever you do, please don’t be that person in the £2 disposable poncho.

  1. A hat

A hat adds more variety to an outfit as well as providing valid protection from the drinks inevitably thrown around in the crowd. Often favoured is a classic sports cap with bold colours and a cute slogan – as long as it’s not ‘Make America Great Again’. A bucket hat is also a festival favourite, though bandanas should be avoided.

  1. Sunglasses

In addition to your hat, a funky pair of sunglasses are a stylish addition to any outfit, as well as an opportunity to hide those tired eyes. Relish in the opportunity to be experimental with your style and throw on a pair of sunglasses with coloured or even kaleidoscope lenses. Don’t bring along your expensive favourites – as nice as they may be – it’s not worth the risk.

  1. Bumbag

A controversial choice, this essential can go one of two ways. It’s amazing in its practical ability to hold all of your belongings as you dance without flying all over the place. But be aware that it ties your outfit together and so be wary in choosing your design – sometimes a fully-fledged glitter bumbag can appear tacky if paired with the wrong look.

  1. Glitter

Arguably the most important festival essential, and certainly the most fun, is glitter. And lots of it. This comes in many forms and can be applied anywhere. Pick an array of colours and go crazy, it’s often a nice look to have it on your cheekbones. We’d recommend biodegradable glitters which are available to buy online, so that you can be festival funky whilst being friendly to the environment. Glitter sprays and glitter tattoos are also a great way to spice up your outfit. But, be warned. As amazing and fun as glitter is, it’s a nightmare when you want to take it off. You’re likely to find specks of glitter just about everywhere for a short while after.