Mansfield College increase their menstrual cup budget

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Mansfield College’s women’s officer, Carys Greenaway, passed the motion at the college’s JCR meeting on Sunday.


The motion aims to “increase women’s officer’s budget for menstrual cups to £103.08 which would fully reimburse 4 cups.”


The current college policy is that the women’s officer provides reimbursement to students for menstrual cups if they send the receipt. Prior to this motion this enabled the women’s officer to reimburse approximately 1.8 menstrual cups.


Speaking to The Oxford Student, Carys Greenaway, has said “We originally could only afford to reimburse 2 students per term for menstrual cups, but recently there’s been a significant rise in students interested in purchasing one. This is possibly because of my recent promotion of Ruby Cup which donates one cup for every one purchased to someone who cannot afford menstrual hygiene products.


“I think the increased budget is really beneficial to our JCR as menstrual cups are beneficial to the user’s health, the environment, and are also much cheaper in the long term.”


This motion was passed unanimously by the Mansfield JCR.

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