Image Credit: Steve Daniels

The ecosystem continues to change

Note: the article that follows is a work of satire, and therefore should not be taken as factual


Hunting – as can be expected from these seasons – continues amongst the Hackius Unionus.
In the ongoing struggle for control of the ancient grounds, the old bear bats away opposition, with more of the herd abandoning their once leader – a former fan of the Verdant Forest has slunk into the bear’s enclosure despite a recent near-death experience, appropriately degrading his own position to appease younger beasts.

Such returns are not uncommon, as previous studies have shown, but the grovelling this previously rampant animal has taken part in has certainly surprised observers. For the spurned alpha to fight this battle he must rely upon his curly haired beta to intimidate lesser Hackius into support, in preparation for the great battle to come: movements from a silver-backed matriarch look to help protect the wounded alpha…

Expect that a confrontation is likely, possibly even destroying parts of the ecosystem

In other rather mixed news the spate of attacks on our noble Ranging Officers has largely ceased, with all but one mangled beyond recovery. Fortunately one of the afflicted is finally Standing, but further progress is unlikely.

In the wake of the great feeding, the Hackius Politicolum are relatively lethargic, with the heirs to each pack largely decided – the most excitement to be seen is the betas scrapping amongst themselves for the lesser positions. The blue-heckled herd looks to have the most internecine relations, but the red-plumed pack is certainly skirmishing amongst themselves more than expected: the survival of their alphas was even threatened by cunning beasts – they will certainly exercise greater wariness in future…

Any aspiring politicologists considering a career in this field are recommended to find a hide on Thursday of this week, to observe what looks to be one of the most earth-shattering encounters of the year. Our team has observed multiple forays into ripe hunting grounds by various species of Hackius, and expect that a confrontation is likely, possibly even destroying parts of the ecosystem. Such change is natural, but may bring either renewal or further decay… Truly a sight for anyone to see.