Three of the best Instagram food accounts to follow

For those of you who use Instagram regularly, food is, I assume, a prominent feature in your feed. Whilst many Instagram users shamelessly upload the occasional meal snap, soon lost amongst selfies and picturesque sunsets, others are less sporadic in their food-sharing. A large number of users cultivate brands which revolve entirely around food: the social media site is home to vegan food accounts, baking accounts, brunch accounts, and even accounts dedicated entirely to avocado. Many of these pages are vastly influential, and their followings surpass millions – the plant-based blogger, @deliciouslyella, for example, boasts 1.3 million followers, whilst @foodgod possesses an impressive 2.6 million followers.

Following food accounts is not always helpful when you’re trying to save money, as many food pages are simply adverts for expensive restaurants. Filling your feed with the best food accounts, however – such as those which provide recipe inspiration, healthy eating motivation, and snaps of fantastically creative dishes – can be rewarding. Here are five fantastic foodie accounts, all which are sure to revitalise your feed, and perhaps even your palette.

1) @symmetrybreakfast

This glorious Instagram account, dedicated to the art of perfectly symmetrical home-cooked breakfasts created by China-based Michael Zee for his boyfriend Mark Van Beek, is one of a kind. The page, which boasts daily snapshots of congruous dishes made and photographed by the account-holder, is delightfully original and exquisitely attractive. Not only are the meals themselves culturally rich and varied (breakfasts range from Baghdad Baid Masus to Venezuelan Cachitos), but they are presented with striking attention to detail: each photograph displays striking symmetrical precision and eye-catching vibrancy through the matching teas, dishes, bowls, and smoothies. If you’re looking for daily breakfast inspiration – though these elaborate dishes might be difficult to perfect alongside a busy university degree – or simply for an artistic addition to your daily scrolls, follow @symmetrybreakfast.

2) @new_fork_city

This New York-based food account, which has garnered a following of over 902k, and which receives tens of thousands of likes on each photo, shares the very best – albeit the fattiest and most sugary – New York food phenomena. Though you won’t be able to try out all of the burger joints, pasta places, and quirky bakeries displayed on the account unless you get the chance to visit New York yourself, the photos themselves are enough to rouse your taste buds. Follow @new_fork_city if you’re keen to fill your feed with the most enticing of meals, all which – in quintessentially American style – are massive in portion size. The images of perfectly gooey chocolate cookies, 24-layered chocolate cakes (seriously), and chewy brownies might also provide recipe inspiration for the bakers amongst you.

3) @bylivvy

For the healthier Instagram-users – or for those who need more motivation to eat healthily – there are thousands of plant-based, sugar-free, smoothie-loving Instagram bloggers out there. Many of these have hundreds of thousands of followers, and have since released best-selling recipe books. There are also, however, many underrated healthy eating accounts, many of which are cultivated by students alongside university degrees.

@bylivvy is one of these artistic, underrated pages. The beautifully laid-out healthy living account, created by University of Leeds student Livvy Apter, provides ‘yummy, healthy, and affordable’ recipe ideas, all which are ideal for busy university students keen to eat well within the means of their student budget. From pretty banana and raspberry smoothie bowls topped with dehydrated rose petals, to stacks of diet-friendly pancakes, the page boasts aesthetic photos of gorgeous, nutritious dishes.