Image Credit: Andrew Shiva (CC BY-SA 4.0)

New Oxford urban district plan revealed

Image Credit: Photo © Andrew Shiva (cc-by-sa/4.0)

Public consultation has begun on plans for a new business community to be developed by Thomas White Oxford, on behalf of St. John’s College.

Previously known as Northern Gateway, Oxford North is intended for redevelopment into an expansive business space. The plans include a new central street, open green spaces, a mixture of workplaces, homes and shops, and tree-lined city streets on the A40 and A44.

The plan, if carried out, is projected to create 87,000 square metres worth of workspace, 4,5000 new jobs, 480 new homes, and 23 acres of open space, including three new parks. The project involves £100 million worth of infrastructure investment, including £30 million spent on improving the walking, cycling, bus and highway networks. The district is intended to be a link with the Oxford-Cambridge corridor, an arc of land between the two cities which is intended to undergo extensive development in the interest of connection between them.

It is forecast that once complete, Oxford North will be adding circa £150 million per year in gross value added to the economy.

Julian Barwick, project chairman for Oxford North, said: “Oxford North will be a community including homes, day and night life, culture, entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capitalists, finance and big corporations, all needing to create business growth through collaboration and staff and residents’ well-being. It is designed by a world-class team to provide a place that has urban energy and is sustainable.

“From my personal perspective, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Oxford. Oxford North will be not just of local importance, but also significant at the UK and international level, supporting the world-class research that takes place in the city and creating a setting where it can flourish and adding to the economy.”