Student rent in Oxford second highest in UK

Image credit: Photo © Bill Tyne (cc-by/2.0)

A report released by Student.com, the world’s largest marketplace for student housing, has revealed that student rent in Oxford is the second highest in the UK, and 8th highest in
the world.

The figures have been released in Student.com’s annual report which sampled over 12,000 students in 125 cities around the world between November 1 2016 and October 31 2017. It found that on average students spend £208 per week on accommodation, only being topped by London, where students pay on average £263 per week.

Oxford is followed by Cambridge in 3rd , where students pay on average £199 per week, £9 less than in Oxford. This is over double the average cost of student accommodation in places such as Derby (£89 per week) and Sunderland (£93 per week).

The high rent costs in Oxford shown here have ramifications for students, since many colleges don’t offer accommodation for the entire duration of students’ courses. It has also caused concern for University staff, whose ability to live near their workplace may be impeded, and potential academics and other university staff being forced to live further away in search of cheaper rent may be disincentived from working at the university.

As well as the impact on members of the university, the homelessness problem in Oxford has been attributed to the city’s high rent costs.