RON wins LawSoc presidential election

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Image Credit: Oxford Law Society (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

In the recent elections for the Oxford Law Society, the second largest in Oxford, RON (Re-open nominations) was declared the winner of the vote for President of Hilary Term 2019.

This comes after a campaign through the Oxfess platform for RON votes after allegations of misogyny were levelled against Julian Manieson, the only candidate for the position.

It was revealed before the election that Manieson had previously written a controversial article for his personal blog, which stated that “feminisim is a pointless endeavour” and compared women to domestic cows.

As the controversy unfolded, Oxfess took the extraordinary step of uploading photographs of the now deleted article to their page, along with deleted comments, in order to allow open debate.

Reactions varied, with one comment stating that the article had been “blown out of proportion” while another stated that he “shouldnt [sic] be in any position of power”.

On the day of election itself, another post on the platform asked readers to vote RON in order to hold Manieson to account.

After the vote for RON, LawSoc stated that ‘The Oxford Law Society held a free and fair election, giving our members the opportunity to voice their concerns through the voting system. We fully respect the outcome of the vote. A new candidate has put themselves forward for President and we will be running another election this week.’

Julian Manieson was contacted for comment.