Oxford in Edinburgh: Your guide to the University at the 2018 Fringe

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If you, like many others, have travelled to Edinburgh for this year’s fringe, yet find yourself craving some of those dreaming spires, fear not! Here we have a list of the various Oxford groups you can see to get that fix!

Oxford Revue

There are three offerings from the Revue at the Fringe this year. Their main showcase, Wasted, is a sketch show with an ‘absurdist and political bent’. For those interested in Free Fringe, the Revue are there until the 26th with stand-up and sketch. There’s also an offering from a smaller group with the stand-up ‘Group Work’, also free.

The Oxford Revue: Wasted, Assembly George Square Studios – Studio Two, 2nd-27th August, 17:40 (1hr)

Oxford Revue: Free, The Phoenix – Phoenix Below, 12th-21st August, 12:14 (1hr)

Oxford Revue: Free, The City Café – Las Vegas, 2nd-11th and 21st-26th August, 01:00 (1hr)

The Oxford Revue: Group Work, Three Broomsticks – Room 2, 4th – 25th August, 19:00 (1hr)

A Capella

There are several prominent Oxford a capella offerings this year: The Oxford Belles, The Oxford Gargoyles, and Alternotive can all be found at C Venues, with Out of the Blue at Assembly. As usual, you’re also likely to find them at some point on various Royal Mile stages.

The Oxford Belles: Women of Note, C (-1) – Venue 34, 11th-18th August, 13:00 (50mins)

The Oxford Gargoyles – Jazz A Capella, C (-1) – Venue 34, 4th – 18th August, 14:00 (50mins)

Alternotive A Capella, C (-1) – Venue 34, 1st – 18th August, 15:00 (50mins)

Out of the Blue, Assembly George Square Theatre – The Theatre, 2nd-27th August, 14:40 (1hr)


The Oxford Imps are here until the 27th with their usual improv work. This year they can be found at the Gilded Balloon.

The Oxford Imps, Gilded Balloon Teviot – Billiard Room, 1st-27th August, 13:15 (1hr)


There’s a whole host of Oxford theatre up at the Fringe this year, with some selling out already – work from both current students and alumni. Further details of Oxford shows, including which venues are accessible, can be found on the Oxford Uni at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 Facebook group or the OUDS newsletter.


Dining al Desko, theSpace on the Mile – Space 3, 3rd-25th August (not 19th), 10:45/10:35 (50mins)

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, theSpace on the Mile – Space 1, 3rd-18th August (not 5th or 12th), 20:20 (2hrs)

The Actor’s Nightmare, theSpace on North Bridge – Argyll Theatre, 21st-25th August, 19:20 (30mins)

The Infamous Five Sketch Show, theSpace on North Bridge – Fife Theatre, 21st-25th August, 21:35 (50mins)


Lights Over Tesco Car Park, Pleasance Dome – JackDome, 1st-27th August (not Weds), 10:50 (1hr)

C Venues

Doom’s Day, C South – Main Theatre, 2nd-27th August (not 14th), 16:30 (1hr)

The Squirrel Plays, C Cubed – Main Space, 2nd-27th (not 13th), 19:10 (1hr)

Just the Tonic

Witch Hunt, Just the Tonic at the Grassmarket Centre – Just the Meeting Room, 7th-26th August (not 13th), 23:10 (1hr)


The C-Bomb, Greenside @ Infirmary Street – Ivy Studio, 3rd – 11th August, 19:35 (50mins)


Eat Your Heart Out, Paradise in Augustines – Studio, 4th-18th and 20th-26th August, 16:00/16:10 (50mins)

The Promise, Venue 13, 4th-10th August, 17:20 (1hr 10mins)


With thanks to OUDS


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