Image Credit: Photo © Jonathan Billinger (cc-by-sa/2.0)

St John’s tops the 2018 Norrington Table

Image Credit: Photo © Jonathan Billinger (cc-by-sa/2.0)

St John’s College has topped the Norrington table for 2018, knocking last year’s first place, New College, into fifth place.

The list, which ranks Oxford Colleges by the grades of their finalists, was derived by the eponymous Sir Arthur Norrington during the 1960s.

Of 108 finalists, over half (60), achieved firsts, while only one student received a 2.2, giving the college the only Norrington score of greater than 80% (82.04%, to be exact). By comparison, New College last year had 57 students with a first class degree, this year falling to 51.

Second place on the table goes to Magdalen at 78.18%, with St. Catherine’s in third after narrowly missing out on overtaking Magdalen by 0.03%. It enjoys the most dramatic rise on the Norrington, climbing from 26th last year, when it only achieved 68.68%.

Last year’s bottom of the table, Lincoln, climbed 4 places, taking St Catz’s former place, with 11 more of its finalists achieving firsts than last year. It is replaced at the bottom by Harris Manchester, who had a Norrington score of 64.35%. However, given it is the smallest college included, with 23 finalists, compared to penultimate placed St Edmund Hall’s 108, this somewhat offsets its positioning.

For the PPHs, Blackfriars tops the list at 80%, with one student achieving a first and the other a 2.1. Wycliffe Hall is placed last, with 2 achieving a first and 7 achieving a 2.1. No PPH finalist achieved less than a 2.1.

The full rankings can be found here.