Oxford considered UK’s most prestigious University

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Image Credit: YouGov

Oxford University has been voted the UK’s most prestigious in a recent survey by the polling organisation YouGov.

In the poll, conducted using 1640 British adults on the 14th and 15th August, participants were asked “Which university do you consider to be the UK’s most prestigious?”

The overall answer was overwhelmingly for Oxford, beating Cambridge University by 18 percentage points, on 41%. Cambridge’s score of 23% was also beaten by the vote for don’t know on 30%.

The survey also shows interesting trends in opinion across different groups in society. In the 18-24 age bracket, Oxford has 29%, only one point ahead of Cambridge, and both beaten by don’t know on 33%.  However, looking at those from 25-49 and 50-64 see Oxford dramatically increase its lead to a margin of over 20%, but narrowing when the over 65s are considered.

By region, Oxford receives shy of a majority of the vote, 46%, in the Midlands and Wales, giving it a 26% lead over Cambridge, while London sees that lead halved. Scottish participants give Cambridge the lowest rating on 16%, just ahead of ‘Other Universities’ on 15%, the highest this option received in the survey.

Oxford continues its lead across the political spectrum, with Conservative voters also giving Oxford a 46% share of the vote, Labour 40%, while Liberal Democrats give the least on 39%.

With the rivalry between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge extending back 800 years, it seems likely this will become yet another point of contention between them.

The full results of the survey can be found here