Image Credit: Andrew Shiva (CC BY-SA 4.0)

St. John’s JCR Treasurer loses £500 over summer

Image Credit: Andrew Shiva (CC BY-SA 4.0)

A motion debated at the first St John’s JCR meeting of term announced that the JCR Treasurer had somehow lost £500 cash over the summer break.

The JCR Treasurer at St. John’s College had, according to the motion, received  £500 in cash from the Entz Officers at the end of Trinity Term.

She kept this money in a box and had intended to deposit it into the JCR accounts, however while she was moving out of College for the summer, they lost track of the money, and despite attempts has been unable to find it.

The motion, which was proposed by the JCR President, Christine Jiang, aimed to redirect funds to account for this shortfall. The motion read: “Bad things happen to good people. £500 is a lot of money for an individual student but very little money for the JCR as a whole.” 

The proposed resolution suggested redirecting funds from one JCR fund to the Entz fund, thus eliminating the need for the Treasurer to personally pay back the money she lost. 

The motion also comments that: “Our capitation increased by a substantial amount in the Rents and Charges negotiations, in no small part due to the many hours contributed by the JCR Treasurer over the course of Trinity Term.”

During the meeting the Treasurer explained: “The Entz Officers asked me to look after £500 in cash. I have a box in my room and I put the money in the box. My dad came up and took all my stuff out of my room when I was moving out.

“I left the box in my room because I was coming back after the weekend. When I came back I couldn’t find the box anywhere.”

The Treasurer had already paid £300 of their own funds to the JCR account, and the motion would sought to return this while ensuring the Entz budget was not underfunded.

A procedural motion was proposed to ‘not-put’ the motion during the meeting. This fell and the motion was debated. 

One JCR member put forward an amendment in which he argued that the JCR needs more time to investigate and produce a report on the loss of money. Other questions were raised about exactly how liable JCR Officers can be for this type of loss and whether or not it was right for the JCR committee to use JCR funds to bail out its members whenever they make a mistake. 

Jiang also mentioned how minimal the amount of money would be for the JCR, something which contradicted with a facebook post she made in the JCR group discussing purchasing a colour printer where she described the budget as “already very tight”. 

At the end of the meeting, following a secret ballot, the motion passed with 60 in favour and 4 against. 

The JCR committee is now expected to investigate and report on the loss of money before redistributing its budget to cover the accidental loss.