Elderly man violently mugged in gardens

Image Credit: Pixabay

This week a violent attack in Christ Church’s war memorial gardens resulted in one man been taken to hospital. 

The man of approximately 50 years old, was reportedly attacked and robbed of his money and some various jewellery items on Wednesday evening last week at approximately 6pm. 

The attackers inflicted cut wounds to the elderly man’s hands and head, for which he had to be taken to John Radcliffe Hospital. After receiving treatment for these wounds, he was discharged.

The attackers are thought to be two males, both in their late 30s. One male, aged 38, is now in police custody in connection with this incident. 

The area surrounding the garden was cordoned off by police, although details are lacking as to exactly why this was. In particular, an alleyway opposite the garden’s entrance was taped off as well as the alleyway beside the Oxford Blue shop. 

Thames Valley Police has not yet released a statement on the attack.

The number of violent attacks in the city centre seems to be spiking in recent weeks. Over the past three weeks there have been four physically violent attacks: On George Street in late September, two on Queen Street last week, and now this incident. 

According to official statistics, Oxford is above average for the number of violent crimes committed in the city when comparing it with other areas covered by Thames Valley Police.