Oxford Maths Institute welcomes Oxford Photo Society

Formed in 1889, the Oxford Photographic Society is one of the oldest photographic groups in the UK. It is a not for profit organisation aiming to promote an active engagement with, and appreciation of, all forms of photography, regardless of the level of experience or area of interest of its attendees. From its humble home at the Silver Band Hall on Temple Road, it has helped to nurture the skills of generations of budding photographers – a number of whom have gone on to great success. Several members now hold distinctions with the Royal Photographic Society, the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, and the FĂ©dĂ©ration Internationale de l’Art Photographique, as well as winning both national and international competitions.  

For their latest venture, OPS have teamed up with an unexpected collaborator: Oxford Mathematical Institute. The society’s annual exhibition gives its members the chance to display their favourite shots to the public, featuring around 70 printed images in total. These cover a huge variety of photographic styles and techniques, in a fusion which sees iPhone compositions displayed alongside more traditionally generated images.  

For their latest venture, OPS have teamed up with an unexpected collaborator: Oxford Mathematical Institute.

Sandra Devaney, the organiser of the exhibition, said: ‘We invite visitors to come along and judge for themselves if the skill of the photographer is still relevant in the age of digital cameras and smartphones’. 

The modern open space of the café of the Mathematical Institute provides an ideal setting for such a formation of judgement. Entry is free to all, and the exhibition will run until 2 November 2018.  

OPS meets every Tuesday, taking the form of a networking group which organises presentations, competitions, critiques and seminars to help photographers to improve and expand their skills. Although not an official teaching establishment, members of the society freely give their time in order to share techniques and experience with others, and new members are always welcome. Their encouraging attitude and wide-ranging schedule of events and activities hints at how the group has achieved such longevity.