LMH donates to Oxford Anti-Fascist Network

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The Lady Margaret Hall JCR voted to donate £100 to the Oxford Anti-Fascist Network in its 3rd Week meeting. The money will be split between anti-fascist stickers and a banner to be used on marches such as the protest against the Union’s talk with Alice Weidel on November 7th.

The motion comes following claims that white nationalist organisation Generation Identity have been publishing posters and stickers across Oxford. Generation Identity advocates the Great Replacement conspiracy theory which holds that white Europeans are being systematically replaced by non-Europeans, particularly from the Middle East and Africa. The organisation have been involved in numerous campaigns against refugees across Europe, most notably raising money to disrupt attempts to rescue migrants from the Mediterranean.

The proposer of the motion, argued that these stickers can’t simply be scratched off given the strategy employed by white supremacists of hiding razor blades behind them. The money donated by LMH will go towards the purchase of around 500 stickers to be placed over those put up by Generation Identity. The aim of the motion is also to “foster an anti-Fascist movement in Oxford”.

The motion was also prompted by the Oxford Union’s announcement it would be hosting German far-right politician Alice Wiedel who is currently leader of the party Alternative for Deutschland. The motion stated that “her presence in Oxford is abhorrent” and it is “imperative that a strong resistance to such hateful and violent ideology is aided by a college that claims to be progressive”.

One member of the JCR questioned whether the money could be put to a better use than a poster campaign, given that stickers are relatively inconspicuous anyway. The proposer responsed that the stickers are sufficiently damaging for those who do see them to justify the cost of covering them up.

One German student present in the meeting said of German right-wing politician Alice Weidel that “fascists are not welcome in Germany so it’s important to show they are not welcome here”.

Oxford Anti-Fascists said in a statement to The Oxford Student: “It’s great to hear that we are getting support from students in Oxford. Oxford Anti-Fascists is committed to preventing fascists marching and speaking in Oxford and further afield”.

The motion passed with 49 votes for the proposition, 10 against and 4 abstentions.

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