St Hugh’s bop runs with ‘laundromats and scary rats’ theme

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Image Credit: Fittoprint (Public Domain)

St Hugh’s College ran a bop on the 3rd of November with the theme of ‘laundromats and scary rats’, following a series of maintenance issues at the College.

The strapline of the bop was ‘dress up as your favourite Hugh’s administrative disaster’.

St Hugh’s has previously suffered criticism about the state of their accommodation, following sightings of rats and broken washing facilities.

In one particular instance, a dead rat was found behind a student’s bedside table and in another a student was forced to move out of their room as the result of a leak in the ceiling.

The building in St Hugh’s College, Wolfson has become notorious within Oxford, with previous reports from The Oxford Student finding that its rooms have in the past had issues including broken lighting, damaged curtains, and in one instance, a swastika was found carved into the wall.

In response to the outbreak, St Hugh’s has adopted two cats from an animal shelter. The cats have been named Admiral Flapjack and its brother, Professor Biscuit. The name admiral Flapjack was chosen by a poll of the JCR, whereas Professor Biscuit was the name already given to the cat prior to adoption.

Commenting on the bop theme, Silvia Mills, one of the Entz Reps at St Hugh’s, told The Oxford Student: “The theme was just a drop in the especially large ocean that is St Hugh’s Entz. We go through a long and arduous selection process for every theme: It must be topical, rhyming and damn fun. How could this bop have been anything else?”

An anonymous source told The Oxford Student “This was by far the best bop theme we’ve had at St Hugh’s.”

The bop was held in St Hugh’s bar as the college’s annual Halloween bop. 


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