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Queen’s drinking society, the Eaglets, alleged to have resurfaced

Image Credit: simononly

There have been rumours of the resurfacing of The Queen’s College’s exclusive drinking society, the Eaglets. 

Allegations have been made that the exclusive society held their initiations last week within the College.

In a JCR post, a member of the college said that they had been told that if the Eaglets were allowed to hold their events on college grounds, then it would have to be outside of term time. 

In response to these allegations, a member of Queen’s JCR told The Oxford Student: “By allowing the continued presence of the Eaglets in college, Queen’s is perpetuating the elitist and exclusive stereotype which many of us were daunted by when first arriving in Oxford. 

“The accessible and inclusive image that Queen’s likes to portray is undermined by their complete lack of commitment to ensuring that everyone feels welcome in every aspect of college life.”

Last year, a motion was passed in Queen’s JCR banning executive members from being members of the society unless it became non-exclusive. Despite this, the Eaglets refused to do so. 

The Queen’s JCR President Ebrubaoghene Abel-Unokan told The Oxford Student: “The College doesn’t recognise the Eaglets as a College society. As such, the Eaglets do not have the rights that College societies enjoy (such as priority and subsidised booking of rooms for events). It is a private group that arranges its own affairs.

The official position of the Queen’s JCR is one of active discouragement of membership of the Eaglets or any other secret and/or exclusive drinking or dining society within Queen’s or the wider University. As of Michaelmas Term 2017, members of the JCR Executive Committee are forbidden from attending such societies as members or guests.”