Image Credit: OUCA/OULC/OULD Facebook

OULC refuses to take part in Three Parties Debate

Image Credit: OUCA/OULC/OULD Facebook

The Oxford University Labour Club has refused involvement in the Three Parties Debate, a termly debate between the Oxford University Conservative Association, the Oxford University Liberal Democrats and the Oxford University Labour Club, the three main political societies in Oxford University.

The event took place this Monday, and promised to attract people from across the political spectrum. It was run by the Oxford Forum.

The debate is a re-introduction of an old Oxford tradition which sees the parties going head to head. This was started last term as an initiative between leaders of the three societies.

The drinking society Champagne and Socialism instead filled in for the Labour Club, with members of the society debating members of OULD and OUCA.

Three debates were held as part of this event. 

The first of these was the Liberal Democrats vs Conservatives debate: “This House supports a second referendum on Brexit”.

The second debate to be held was the Labour vs Liberal Democrats debate: “This House regrets tuition fees”.

Finally, it was the turn of the Labour vs Conservatives debate: “This House believes austerity has failed”.

Francesca Best, Co-Chair of OULC told The Oxford Student: “Both myself and Charlotte were unconvinced of the productiveness of such joint debates.”

She added: “Instead, we opted to host events this term that are focused on OULC members.”

This comes following worries from some members that the Labour club pulling out of the debate was as a result of an ideological opposition to debating members of the Conservative Association and the Liberal Democrats.