Manchester City cuts 4 points from Liverpool in victory over Wolves


Manchester took an easy 3-0 victory over the Wolves in the Premier League game on Monday 14 January.  Gabriel Jesus scored the first two goals in the first quarter before he was subbed out after half time.   Man-City’s win cuts Liverpool’s lead down to four points, but the Manchester Manager Pep Guardiola is unbothered by concerns over Liverpool.

Guardiola said in the post game interview: “We cannot play the games against Liverpool so we cannot do anything about their own games. They belong to them. All we can do is win our games. . .”

In a previous interview, Guardiola told the Guardian that he tells his players not to look at Liverpool’s schedule or focus too much on how successful they are because “normally when this happens in my experience you then lose your own games. And then it’s over. All we can do is win our games. . .”

Manchester is the defending their Premier League title against Liverpool who is shaping up to be their primary challenge for the championship. Guardiola is in a perfect position to be confident after Manchester’s strong defense and ball control gave them a decisive victory.

The first half  was the exciting, drama filled half with two goals within the first ten minutes of the start, Leroy Sané passes to the center where Jesus takes the ball and scores from six yards of the goal. It’s exactly what the fans needed to get them hype and jumping in the stands. Jesus managed his second goal with a few minutes left to spare in the first half with a fake out against Rui Patricio   

Tragedy struck (not really) when Wolves’ Willy Boly did a vicious lunge to Bernardo Silva’s ankle that earned Boly a send off with a red card.  Though some commentators thought the call was a bit harsh on Boly, the Wolve’s manager Nuno Espírito Santo agreed with the red card.  Boly later apologized to Silva which Silva easily forgave, likely since he retained no serious injury.

The Wolves had an attempt to score within the first half that they sorely missed out on in the second. Jonny Castro Otto attempted a pass to Diogo Jota when Otto should have attempted a kick. Jota was not expecting the pass and failed to capitalize on it once he had the ball.

The second half, with a decent lead for Manchester, was much more smart football than entertaining as Manchester kept the Wolves from scoring while the Wolves tried to keep possession.  The Wolves made an attempt to break through the Man City defense, but when they did, there was no team to support the pull back. As Guardiola remarked in the post interview, “We make a fantastic first goal for the action, for the moment, for the pass, for the finish, for everything. After that we forgot to move more the box so we arrive in the final third quite easy but after that we didn’t make movements to attack the goal.”

The third and final goal of the game came from a pass from Kevin de Bruyne to Conor Coady that he forced into the net off his leg.  Manchester deserved this win from their performance maintaining possession a majority of the game and their constant attempts to shoot on goal. This game also replaced Silva as the all time Man-City premier league appearance maker by Kevin de Bruyne.

Image credit: Richard Cooke


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