Like Poland? Enjoy vodka? Love parties? Then come on down to the Polish Vodka Party on February 23rd

If you like unlimited vodka and things with lard on, and of course you do, then there is only one place you should be on Saturday the 23rd of February: the main hall behind St. Giles’ Church. Why, pray tell? Because one of the best nights in the Oxford drinking calendar is to be found there – the Polish Society Vodka Party. I’m not Polish, nor am I in the Polish Society, because I’m not Polish, so you can trust me to be completely unbiased when I say that it’s a terrific event.  

With the festivities commencing at 8pm, there will be plenty of time to sample all sorts of flavoured Polish vodkas and Polish drinking snacks, which, and I can speak from experience, are delicious.

 I went last year, and it proved to be a truly wonderful opportunity for me to butcher the Polish language by trying to pronounce things in an accent which has been described as “so wildly inaccurate that it’s not even offensive”. 

If you want to learn more about Poland and Polish, including how to pronounce things correctly, then this also presents a superb opportunity to do so, with conversation facilitated by an unending supply of delicious alcoholic elixir. 

Alternatively, if you instead aim to impress by the means of interpretative dance, as I usually do, then this event can also cater to such a desire, as some Polish bangers will be blaring out over the course of the evening. 

But what of the cost of this Polish party, this Slavic sesh? It’s only £10 for those who are not Pol Soc members, or £5 for those who are, although they already know about this event. For (effectively) unlimited vodka, and more pickles than you could possibly imagine, it is surely one of the greatest deals in the history of deals. A further bonus is that if you drink enough, you won’t remember the numerous ways you disgraced yourself during the night.